Saturday, February 9, 2008

Something to Say

Blogs give everyone a place to say what they think. That's why it should be a great fit for someone like me. So why don't I blog more?

In a word: Time.

In a phrase: Not enough time to edit what I'm thinking.

Certainly I have a lot to say. I just worry that if I spend more time blogging, I'll also spend too much time worrying that what I had written was not edited well. In fact, even now I'm worried that what I'm writing about here is basically about nothing. And that, in writing about basically nothing, I'm doing it in a wordy way.

And it is...wordy, that is. Isn't it?

So how about a basic update?

This week I spent an entire day writing and editing a piece I first penned (is that word appropriate even when something is typed on a computer?) in March 2001. It's something I'll submit to The Muse, Waldorf College's literary publication. All I've left to do is title it. And since it's not titled, I can't tell you it. I will tell you it's a prose piece that features Skye rather than Stross, as I wanted to give him a little time in the sun as well.

So that's what I wrote this week.

I wrote something last week as well: an article about personal holy days for The Lutheran magazine. I think I've coined the term: personal holy day. And I'd tell you what it means, but then you wouldn't have a reason to read my article when it's published.

I should also mention what's happening with radio support of Involuntary Joy. Last month I recorded an interview with the Rev. Peter Marty, host of Grace Matters, the nationally syndicated radio program of the ELCA. It will air sometime in March. And then yesterday, I recorded an interview for a Christian radio station in Des Moines, Life 107.1 FM. I thoroughly enjoyed both conversations; however, both times I thought of things I should have said after the taping was done. I'm getting better at articulating the core messages of Involuntary Joy, though. For someone who thinks aloud, there is probably no other way to do it.

The next thing I intend to write is the rest of my marketing plan.

And with that, I have no catchy or clever way to end this blog.

So...until later, I guess.

PS - I can't resist this last thought on writing and finding the right words: When Barack Obama wrote "Yes, we can" in his speech the first time he chose to use it, did he remember that it's Bob, The Builder's theme song? Did he care?