Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Oh, Poop ...

As regular InjoyBlog readers know, I'm not in the practice of using words like "poop" in the title of a blog. But I'm challenging myself as a writer. (I think.) I'm debating whether or not to write a blog about my recent experiences with - well, you can guess. You can also guess that I'm not really debating whether or not to discuss it. More like bolstering my courage.

Moms of kids with special needs (particularly adult children who are incontinent), take note. I will soon dare to discuss a topic that isn't easy table conversation or coffee conversation or any type of conversation held in any venue other than a medical office, really.

This is your warning. Get ready.

But I promise, no action photos.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I have been contemplating invisibility -
the difference between things seen and unseen.

And I have wondered how some things that can be seen
exist unnoticed.
Invisible by default.

How is it that people can live invisibly -
by choice or by chance?

How is it that being seen can be empowering,
while living invisibly can be empowering too?

By choice
by chance.

Can invisibility be recognized?
Not by those who are looking.
Of course not.
But perhaps by those who are looking for it.

Empty nothingness that pulsates with power.
Impossibilities energized with potential.

By choice
by chance.

Unseen by chance, empowered by choice.
Answers come with the choice to be seen.

Yet some things that can be seen exist without being noticed.
Invisible by default.

Invisibility is real.
It doesn't matter if others see it or not.
Therein lies its power and its peril.
Whichever you choose to see.
Whichever you choose to be.