Thursday, August 2, 2007

Audience Hunt

I'm beginning to see more clearly the audience for "Involuntary Joy." I had an audience in mind, but I now have the opportunity to see if who I was writing for matches the people who are actually reading it. I had always hoped "Involuntary Joy" wouldn't get labeled "a religious book for parents of disabled children," and I don't think it is. Of course I hope parents and others who have a family member with a disability are part of the book's audience! But I don't believe they are the only audience. If so, I've failed them.

I'll venture only so far in my speculations: I'm reassured that "Involuntary Joy" isn't being positioned as a faith book. In fact, I'll say that "Involuntary Joy" is no more a religious book about faith than Martha Beck's book "Expecting Adam" is. (If you've read both books, you'll know what I mean.)

I hesitate to type in this space what I believe the message of "Involuntary Joy" is or who I believe is finding/receiving the message. Right now I only know who is buying early copies of the book. What's more, I have no idea who they are passing their copies on to or if they are referring the book to others. Therefore, I'm content to continue waiting just a bit more. (And because I'm really bad at waiting, that's a big deal.) This is too important. I want to see and hear the message reflected back before I allow myself the satisfaction of affirmation.

But if you are reading this and if you have read "Involuntary Joy," please let me know what you think. We are in this together.

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