Saturday, April 12, 2008

O.K., O.K.: I'll talk about "what's next"

I've started a new blog entry in my mind many times but have fallen short on results. No sufficient reason other than restlessness-the kind that seeks to protect you from focusing your mind on what's bothering you most. For me: Involuntary Joy's future. It's simply easier to not talk about it -- even to myself.

So what have I been doing?

Well, I've used my restlessness to accomplish numerous family-related tasks: arranging prom plans, ironing out details for four Mayo Clinic visits and scheduling assorted school/family functions. That busywork has kept me from this wonder: Is Alex Glass reading Involuntary Joy? And this even bigger wonder: Does he feel it has a future?

I know it has a future. In fact, recent speaking engagements have continued to affirm the kind of future I believe is in store. Yet, it's a future I can't accomplish alone. As with my flesh-and-blood children, I hope to secure the future of this more abstract child by partnering with professionals who are skilled in the type of endeavors my prodigy needs.

And so I'm breaking my silence: I need a literary agent because Involuntary Joy needs a national publisher. I may even need to partner with an editor--one I've yet to meet--who can help me refine the core of what's being said. I may even need more partners, ones that have not taken form because of benign ignorance or simple unknowing. But I look forward to meeting them, nevertheless.

And so I wait. Actually I continue to wait, trusting in the knowledge that I've cast my desires into the consciousness of the world. I've done what I can do and will continue to do the parts of this life mission that only I can do. But I really look forward to what's coming next.

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