Saturday, October 11, 2008


There are days when it seems we could prove the entire world is connected--if we could only see the connecting threads.

Today was such a day.

Many of the people I encountered this day are connected to me through relationships that pre-date my knowledge of their existence. Still others are connected as friends from earlier realms of living--high school, former church home, former job--and their lives circle back to cohorts who may not have known of our shared friendship. But today the threads were made known.

I get the visual imagery of a ball of yarn being tossed around, criss-crossing the globe until a web holds everyone fast.

And you know what? I like thinking of that type of connectedness. I like believing each of our lives matters to another--actually lots of others. Maybe even into the dozens, hundreds or thousands.

A shout out to you, Joy Harris. Thanks for asking Beaverdale Books about Involuntary Joy and for giving Pastor Jane the idea for a Breakfast Conversation. I am blessed by the life we all shared this day. And you helped make both happen. Our lives are forever linked...perhaps they always have been. Many blessings to you, Kevin and Grace.

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Joy said...

Joy -- It really was a good day. I do hope that we will continue to be connected.

Blessings to your family as well.

Joy Harris