Sunday, March 1, 2009

I wish...

I wish I could have done a better job explaining what I feel about the topic I attempted to write about below.

How's that for...what's the opposite of "clarity"?

Murky? Muddy? Opaque?

Ah. Life.

Perhaps sometimes living equates a series of days spent attempting to be understood. At least by humans.

My faith assures me life is palpably divine. Therefore, someone -- some One -- understands without me needing to say or write or even think a word.

I like believing that.

A lot.


Leeann Tatam said...

I am currently reading your book, and I can completely relate to all you felt and continue to feel.
I raised a WONDERFUL step son from age 3 until his passing on 9/29/2003. He was my son, regardless of birth right, and I loved him every step of the way. He was a complete joy and his smile lit a room like no other. He was born with myelomeninggocele and hydrocephalus. He went through multiple surgeries for shunts over his life. I taught him to walk and talk and live and love. In losing him, he gained his place with God, and that helped heal my heart. I miss him, everyday, as do his brothers and sister. He lived in Texas, and I now live in Clive, Iowa. In all the hardships he faced, he had a genuine spirit of kindness and innocence. Through him, I learned to be a better person. I work in Level III Special Education, as a Program Assistant, at Crossroads Park Elementary, and everyday I am blessed to love and learn from the children I work with.
I thank you for sharing your story. I thank you for uplifting my heart and reminding me that life is a gift and it's meant to be lived and filled with love.
I hope God continues to bless you and your beautiful family.
Leeann M. Tatam

Joy said...


Thank you so much for your beautifully kind words. The love you feel for your son is clear, even years after his death. I'm honored that our family's story has touched you in way that's made it possible for you to experience your own story again in a powerful way.

And God bless you for the work you do every day. Those families are so fortunate to have you in their lives - especially their children.

I'd love to see a family photo with your son. If you are willing, please send it to

Blessings, Joy