Saturday, June 20, 2009

Grace Matters: When You Did Not Expect Joy

A friend's dream of owning a gift and floral shop dies after two years; the bankruptcy thrusts her family into a personal financial crisis as well.

A company that thrives on customers' abilities to spend hefty amounts of disposable income begins the tough business of staying afloat by laying off hundreds - eventually thousands - of employees.

A college that existed for more than a century through the grace of supporters and grit of tenacious faculty, staff and administrators boldly decides to sell its assets in an act of faith some regard as faithless.

Individuals across this country (indeed, the world) continue to experience tough - even dire - times because they do not have sufficient means to continue living as they've been accustomed.

I found this audio file tonight and was reminded that this radio ministry, too, has become a casualty of the economy. Rev. Peter Marty did such a beautiful job with this unique ministry. I know many are missing the blessing of his weekly broadcasts.

I couldn't resist listening again to the opportunity he offered me to join him in a broadcast more than a year ago. The interview - his questions, my musings, his wonderful way of tying it all together - made me smile.

Yes, there still is involuntary joy in the midst of it all. May you experience joy as you have need!

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