Thursday, March 11, 2010

An Evening with Ben Klipfel - Theatre Talk

I enjoyed yet another opportunity to vlog with a friend. (Can "vlog" now be used as a verb? I think so.) This past Saturday, Ben Klipfel took shelter for a night in our themed guest room known as The Elvis Room. (Not that we have an "unthemed" one.) Because of Ben's official duties as the college's alumni board president - and our volunteer contribution as his lodging provider - we enjoy catching up with him on a regular basis.

Mark and I first met Ben as a Waldorf College student in our respective classrooms. We remember him basically as he is today: intelligent, passionate, driven, talented, creative and challenging (in a good way). As with all the students we teach, we enjoyed watching Ben absorb every learning experience possible.

Ben's time spent as student body president has served him well during his four years as alumni board president, and he continues to passionately serve his alma mater during a tumultuous time of transition. Whenever he comes to town, we always enjoy catching up on how he's being led to spend his days. This time we got to hear about this master's degree thesis and swap stories of our shared passion: live theatre.

Our vlog conversation is a quintessential Ben-and-Joy conversation ... well, almost. We both were on our best behavior, somehow avoiding an argument about a random topic that two other people might not find disagreement on. But, of course, we aren't just any people. We are thespians at heart who find poetry and deep meaning even in life's most shallow moments.

On this night, we stayed on the deeper end of observation. Ben even offers this platitude: "Weber is to Sondheim as Handel is to Mozart."

Isn't that positively ... well ... delicious?


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