Monday, August 2, 2010

Graduation Tree House Celebration 2010

Life has an ebb and flow. A yin and yang, if you will. In academia, that can be illustrated in many ways. However, one of the most profound ways for me each year is when one class of students graduates, then only weeks later another arrives.

Quite a few of this year's class left right after graduation in May. However, a handful of students - those who took their studies as part of Waldorf College's three-year communications degree - completed their 8th semester this past week. And, like every year before, we enjoyed a celebration barbecue with them in our tree house to honor their accomplishments. Also as in years past, we were pleased to have a reason to spend just a little more time with our graduates before each one drove off campus for the last time as a student.

I have yet to meet the incoming freshmen. But I know fairly well those who just graduated and left Waldorf College to encounter their future: Brandon Aschinger, Andrew Blum, Mary Dickman, Robert Farland, Andrew Johnson and Tyler Snell. Thank you for sharing your lives with us. We are richer for it. Please keep in touch. We will love to learn where life leads you.

May heaven's richest blessings, crown every passing year.


Tony D. Ede said...

Thanks for inspiring me to go back in time a bit this morning! I remember our tree house feast TACOS! So maybe is was a fiesta, rather.

So many memories of Mark and Joy encouraging me in ways they may have never known. I remember doing our first remote by the pond for radio one and not telling anyone that I had "a little" radio experience prior to Waldorf. Mark ran out of the station to where we were and said, "Which one of you is Tony?"....and nearly bowled me over with a gigantic bear hug. There was always a "Tonnnnnneee - Dooooogggg" when walking down the hall.

Without Joy's Editing class I am positive I wouldn't have done so well in my NT Greek classes.

And then to see them at my ordination was probably my most favorite memory.

Thanks for them all!

Joy said...


How very kind of you to say. And what affirming encouragement on the brink of a new year. I hope we continue to find ways to connect with the students we have the privilege of getting to know each year.

Also, it's always wonderful to learn what you are up to or how your life is transforming. Please send our best to the LeAnn and Carter.