Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Joy’s Lament

Joy is not happy.
Nor is joy unhappy.
Certainly not.
Yet what is it called
when joy is not joy-filled?
For there is a hint of joy in those.
Nearly imperceptible
but there nonetheless.
If this were not so
what would the longing be longing for?
What could sweeten the bitter better
than Joy?
Joy is there.
Yes, even there.
Joy lives in the most unlikely places.
Joy exists even when not joy-filled.
When melancholy.
When bitter longing for sweet.
No matter where.
No matter what.
Joy is joy.
Alive, with the capacity to be so much more.
Joy, where is your hope?
Hope, what shall you do with joy?
For what is joy when not joy-filled?
But alive.
Even in the most unlikely of places.


KaKi said...

Very nice, Joy! I really like this!

Joy said...

Thanks, KaKi, for the affirmation. I breathe affirmation. ;-)