Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sweater Weather

Vintage challenges in modern attire.
yet not ready.

Dresssers poised to help.
Some holding out timeless attire.
Some failing at fit.
Fashion does not matter.

Warmth, suitability, dependability.
Covering for all ages – all time – is the need.

Not easy, but easier
to closet dressers away.
Seasons past.
Times changed.
Treasures tucked into memory trunks
to make room for what can be worn now.

Staples remain.
Faithful favorites who always fit,
always accentuate the positive
while deflecting attention from the trouble spots.
And with style.

Keep the classics.
Pass on ill fitting.
Discard the worn.
Live within the means.

Dressers poised to help.
Covering for all ages – all time – is the need.
Warmth, suitability, dependability.
Not just during sweater weather,
but all seasons.

. . .

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