Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Busy, busy

I've thought about blogging many times; tonight I'm not just thinking--I'm actually blogging. So here goes...

October blurred into November courtesy of five book signings and three speaking opportunities. Stross joined in every book signing but one, giving us some great together time. The together part didn't necessarily mean we were doing the same thing at the same time, however. Many times, I ended up reconnecting with someone from an earlier era of life, while Stross busied himself with straightening my business cards and any promotional cards that were scattered on the table. And while he exhibited a keen interest in choosing which chapter I'd read if the event called for a reading, he didn't stick around to listen. Well, sort of. He'd wheel around the fringes of the group, listening but not noticeably so.

The first time I conducted a reading, Stross chose Chapter 9: "Sister Mary Pull-me-Down." I took his advice and ended up crying during one paragraph that spoke about how I felt the broken world had broken him. According to Mark, when my voice cracked and my eyes teared, Stross looked at him and said, "See, I got her!" Then he smiled.

Stross is so very Stross. I'm glad I can count on that truth.

As for any of these events--whether signing or speaking--I've been honored to hear positive feedback. It'd be easy to wax poetic about the comments received, but doing so seems self-serving. I'm reminded of Mary collecting things and pondering them in her heart. My heart is full and I've much to ponder.

So it continues.

And I hope it will for a very long time.

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