Saturday, December 1, 2007


Involuntary Joy is metaphorically in the backseat, and I don't like it. Holidays, caucus preparation, ungraded papers, preparation for finals, PR client projects and family needs have pushed forward making the front seat crowded. Probably not a wise way to travel.

I'm being dramatic, of course. I'm not silly enough to let things dangerously crowd. I remember that feeling from earlier decades of life. Too wise (I hope) to let it happen now. I have learned the power of "no" and the empowerment of "yes." Still, life's demands are playing a constant game of fire drill these days. Whenever I arrive at an intersection, the doors fly open and positions shift.

Involuntary Joy weighs so heavy, everything else must clump together to achieve equilibrium. Some call it maintaining balance. Maybe. For I'm not overwhelmed. Challenged, yes. Overwhelmed, no. That's good.

I sense this type of existence as necessary right now. The holidays are the holidays. Caucus season comes once every four years. Finals week comes twice a year. Clients are a constant. Family is paramount. And so it goes.

The day Involuntary Joy authoritatively climbs into the front seat again, all else will be left clamoring for prime spots in the back. Then we'll all hold on for the ride.

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