Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's a New Year

Ten days into the new year, and I've not yet written a blog entry. I've outlined two or three in my mind, however.

I'm not upset about my lack of initiative. Truly I'm not. Life has just been too full of living.

I'll write soon. Perhaps about how unprepared I was for "Marley and Me" to serve as a mirror of my life. After all, I've never had a pet. (Goldfish don't count.)

Still there I sat in the dark--next to Stross--tears spilling from overfilled eyelids, then trailing onto my cheeks. There was simply no point in holding them back. Had I attempted, I may have broken into a full-bodied sob.

You see, I've learned. When the pain returns, simply let it come. Wash it out, let it flow. Discover what lies beneath.

And I know it had nothing to do with a dog. Marley may have captured my attention, but the husband and wife commandeered my heart. There we were, larger than life and playing to a theatre full of people who were on their own journeys, shedding their own tears. Different stories, similar pain: Idealistic newlyweds. Thrilling careers. Miscarriage. A complex marriage alliance. Children. Overwhelming life. Unselfish choices. Growing older. Growing awareness. Missed opportunities. Under-utilized potential. Hellos. Good-byes.

And there was love. So much love.

Yes. It's a new year. I wonder what's in store.

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Mrs. M said...

oooo can't wait to see it!!!