Saturday, September 19, 2009

To Video Blog or Not to Video Blog

Ta-da! I did it. I taught myself something new.

Had I decided to write rather than record a blog today, I'd have told you something only my hairdresser really knows (and it has nothing to do with hair color - but you know that from a previous blog). Or I may have written about spraying the dog doo off Stross' wheelchair tires and then riding his chair back into our house–things not many moms or dads have had the privilege of experiencing.

But I recorded my first video blog instead. Ahhhh! Accomplishment! (And likely better than my description of the dog doo incident.)

I am Joy, hear me roar! BTW: The word I almost used but stopped myself from using was "hyperbole." I didn't want to sound highfalutin. (Yes, "highfalutin" is really a word, and that's really how it's spelled. I looked it up just to be sure.)

Please, let me know what you think. Have a beautiful day!


Robin A. said...

I am Joy, hear me hyperbole???

Joy said...

Very fun! I like it. But I hope it will be more like: I am Joy, hear me work hard not to hyperbole. :-)

Joy said...
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Kati Potratz said...

Joy - LOL - You are such a verbal processor! It is easier for me to follow what you are saying when you're writing because you do have a lot of sidetracks when you're talking, but I think you should do the videos because it's more fun, and if I miss the main point I can always watch it again. :)

Joy said...

Thanks for the feedback here (and to those of you who commented on Facebook!). Think I will try to mix it up sometimes ... still more written blogs than video ones because (Katie, you are so right about me being a verbal processor) I really am better with the option of hitting a delete button when necessary.

Fall is calling ... the weather is sooo beautiful. Hey, I can blog outside too!) That part could be fun. Blessings!