Saturday, October 17, 2009

Traditions! Apples, Cheese, Pumpkins ... and Shoes

It's a family tradition from my youth: a one-day trip to Wisconsin to glory in the wonder of autumn leaves, the trauma and triumph of previous months on display in the pigments of each year's changing hillsides. Every year different. Every year amazing.

Before we head up to the cheese factory (Mt. Sterling) and apple orchards (Gays Mills), we stop for clothing staples (Prairie du Chien). A highlight this year (for me) was wonderful, quality, leather shoes at a store that still provides personal customer service: Panka Shoes. The owner, who measures your foot and then assists in putting the shoes on your feet, always keeps a room full of shoe racks with a permanent buy one pair, get another pair free sale.

Some years I only get two pair of shoes. This year? Well ...

But here's why we really go. I hope you enjoy joining us on a bit of our day's journey.

The family fun continues into future generations.

Wonderful Wisconsin! Thanks for a great Saturday.


Pamela said...

Thanks for letting me share in your Fall adventure. Traditions truly are the foundation of family, your sons will remember this forever and will hopefully continue it with their children. On a side note, Stross calls you Mama just like Isaiah calls me Mama...I love it!

KaKi said...

I love the part where Skye says "you're a ground" Allie says the same thing! I thought it was just her!!! It is funny, although sometimes REALLY annoying!!!!