Wednesday, April 14, 2010

In Awe

This week my blog has been visited by thousands of people, arriving to read about Marc Wheeler, the first openly gay student I ever taught. Going from an average of less than 100 viewers to over 4,000 for one blog (thank you deserves a thoughtful response.

But ... I'm not ready yet.

I will be though.

My thoughts are perking about commonality, differences, similarities, empathy and shared humanity, to name only a few things. Because my thoughts can flood in simultaneous torrents - like now - it's gonna take some time to narrow them to a navigational stream I can then flow into here.

Once I feel the words finding their way into a current, I'll post them as a blog - or even vlog - here.

Meanwhile, if you haven't read Marc's story yet, please do, and be sure to read the comments as well. You'll witness the power of one person's life - courageously shared as a way of letting others know: You are not alone.

Marc's Story

It has been my desire all along to touch lives with my blog. So, thank you, Marc, for your willingness to let me write and share your story. What began as a homework assignment became something much more.

Such is the way of life, isn't it? What begins as a thought or impulse can change someone's corner of the world - for good or for bad.

I hope you have a wonderful day. May your life impact someone else in a way that only you can. For good.


C H A S E said...

Joy! Fantastic story and excellent post processing. Thank YOU for continuing to make significant impacts in the lives of many through many. I'll look out for your narrowed thoughts. Excited!

Joy said...

Hey, Chase, I just realized: Didn't I force you to sit and listen to this song while I sat at my desk and you were "hostage" in my home office years ago?

I believe it was the first year the album came out, and this song was so powerful, I wanted to share it even then. I hope you didn't mind ...

C H A S E said...

Of course I remember, and no I didn't mind. Sometimes the best way to share a revelation is by such "sneak attacks". :) It's been a guiding force ever since. Thank you.