Friday, April 23, 2010

A Vist with Aaron 'Pete' Peterson

Mark doesn't get to talk shop often because very few are able to understand what he does. Plus, when he comes home, he is reminded that my technological vocabulary is significantly deficient, and my technological knowledge is near non-existent.

I imagine Mark as a bit lonely – professionally speaking - and even somewhat of an enigma to his colleagues. Therefore, when he launches into an explanation of his latest technological problem-solving feat, I, his primary attentive audience, attempt to respond appropriately and even feign enthusiasm when I feel lacking of any genuine kind.

As a lover of authenticity, I make these conversations with Mark an exception to my policy for authentic living – but for good reason: Mark knows I'm faking it. So that makes my reaction authentic. Yes? The greater good is served. Mark gets to fuel his excitement of accomplishment, and I get to share in his wonderful state of intelligent euphoria.

He amazes me. I think he always will.

Anyway, when Pete showed up Thursday for an unannounced visit, Mark got to talk shop with Pete for a bit after he toured the radio, television and multimedia labs. I got to catch up with Pete too, but my questions are not at all technical as you'll see in this vlog. Plus, you will get to witness one of the most laid back individuals I have ever, ever - let me even add one more - ever known.

Listen for these remarks to naturally flow from Pete during conversation:
"Aw, that's Ok."
"Don't worry about it."
"I'm not too concerned."
"Thanks. I try."

There were more, but that's all I caught in our brief vlog together. I should have taken video of him sauntering down a hallway too. I'm not sure what would ever make Pete move quickly. I am not even confident that something catastrophic would. Pete is just that laid back.

Great to see you, Pete! Please continue to stay in touch.

BTW: Aaron Peterson, Waldorf College BA class of 1995, received one of the first baccalaureate degrees awarded in the college's history. I regard he and his five communications classmates as true pioneers. Thanks for staying to learn with us.

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Joy said...

Hey, Pete ... just so you know, some of your Waldorf friends have sent me fun comments about your vlog via Facebook. Know that you continue to be remembered very fondly.