Saturday, November 13, 2010

Remaining Relevant

I've been assisting Mark with a project that involves looking through decades of family photos. Interestingly, the images of Younger Me have focused Older Me's thoughts.

I recognize a constant desire for - not just a sense of purpose - but something beyond purpose: relevance.

Then - as now - I hoped to contribute in ways that mattered. And not only where family was concerned, but in every aspect of life. That desire has not diminished with the fading color of my hair. In fact, I think my craving for relevance intensifies with each birthday, even each new year.

What is it that makes me, me?

What do I contribute that matters to those I encounter?

How do I interact and engage and question and provide answers in concert with the people and circumstances that shape my life?

Fascinatingly, those answers change even as they stay the same; for I continue to be who I am - only redefined for a new time, a new era of life.

So what remains my hope?

To remain appropriately and closely connected. In keeping with the times. Relevant.

Do I doubt that is possible? Sometimes. But hope erases doubt, doesn't it?

Hopeful relevance.

Now that's nice.

Amen. May it indeed be so.

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KaKi said...

I like this. "hopeful relevance". I think sometimes we just get weary, not that we don't want to remain hopeful or relevant. We let the drudgery of our lives overshadow the hope. :-)