Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy November

I have been writing blogs. They just haven't gotten into written form.

I have crafted:

- one about connecting with the divine through a caterpillar that barrel-rolled across the sidewalk, missing my footfall;

- one about the yellow brilliance of the last blooming day lily of the year amid a row of dried-brown sister blooms;

- one about welcoming people with disabilities into every day life in the simplest of ways;

- one about Reformation Sunday and how I was suddenly 6-years-old and hearing my Aunt Lois' voice as I joined in singing a rarely used canticle;

- one about fear and how it negatively shapes a person's response to divine things;

- even one about November.

I wonder what it will take for my thoughts to - once again - spill out for public viewing. Am I too busy? Am I feeling private? Am I wondering if my thoughts matter to anyone?

I am not sure. Then again, if I knew, would I tell you?

I like to think so.

I like to think that I live as I imagine a writer does - seeing poetry in everyday life.

I also like to think that one day I will live a life that allows me to regularly share the poetry I see.

Amen. May it indeed be so.

P.S. - Thank you for reading ... listening ... sharing ...

I pray that the meditation of my heart and the impulse of my spirit are acceptable in your sight.


Belynda said...

I do that, except I don't get to the crafting stage; I spend more time in the brewing stage.

Joy said...

Yes, that's it exactly. A long time on perk.

KaKi said...

I do that so often! I get frustrated because I don't have anything to show for my thoughts! Or, I'll be going through my day creating great thoughts, and then sit down to write and NOTHING!! Ugh! I started a novel and really have a great idea, a good first chapter, but now, nothing! Just can't get going!! I read somewhere that you just push through and keep writing.....and crafting!! :-)

KaKi said...

P.s. Like the new look!!

Joy said...

I love the feeling of pushing through. Some of my happiest days (actually late nights and wee hours of the mornings) were when I was writing Involuntary Joy. I would love to be able to make time for that kind of writing again.

You should come to an Iowa Writer's Workshop at the University of Iowa some summer, KaKi, to get your novel started. Check it out on the web. It would be a great personal vacation for you!

Joy said...

Joy - I trust you - I trust you to know when is right and what to share - just wanted you to know.


Joy said...

Bless you ... and thank you ...