Sunday, August 28, 2011

Guest Blogging: Week in Review

I've been home from the ELCA's 2011 Churchwide Assembly for little more than a week. A total of 1025 voting members represented our 4.4 million member denomination for this biennial gathering in Orlando. They attended as representatives of 65 synods; I attended because of my role serving as chair of the Advisory Committee for The Lutheran magazine.

Each day, I recorded my thoughts in a blog. They convey my reflections as a first-time attendee of such a national gathering. I invite you to experience my week as well. Be sure to scroll through all six entries. The Thursday post about worship has links to videos that will allow you to share in the experience more fully.

Blog: ELCA 2011 Churchwide Assembly

Even nine days after the closing worship, I still feel proud of the unity evident amid the beautiful and expansive diversity of the ELCA. All are welcome. All are part of the mission we share: doing God's work with our hands. We have been freed to serve.

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