Saturday, August 13, 2011


While I still don't know what I will write about for my next post, or when I will be compelled to write it, I sense the words will be arriving soon.

I have been collecting my thoughts, ordering my ideas and waiting to become intentional about my time. The waiting is the strange part. Evidently I am not ready to make time to write. My mind would like to, but my soul hesitates. I am not sure I understand why. My best guess is that it is not prepared for the flood of emotions that are certain to come with whatever finds its way into written form.

I have not only been collecting and ruminating over words. I have also been collecting images as well. Snapshots of time that focus my thoughts on life paradoxes - like this image of fireworks lighting up a night sky in celebration. It's as if these explosions of color attempted to dwarf the moon. Yet their moments of explosive, momentary brightness were no match for the constant, persistent brilliance of the full moon.

In the photo, the moon appears a small dot of white in the far lower right portion of the frame (not the light on the edge). And throughout the 15-minute fireworks display, the moon kept rising and gaining luminance, demanding recognition. It didn't take long for the moon to rise higher in the night sky than any of the fireworks could have attempted.

And that's as it should be, yes? It is the moon, after all. A reflection of the sun's incredible intensity and maestro of each day's tides.

I look forward to what I might reflect in the coming days, weeks, months. Perhaps I'll even reflect more on the moon.

Perhaps I'll do so.


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