Thursday, February 4, 2010

Just an Update

Well, I haven't had a chance to change my blog, yet. I will get around to it, however, so that I'll have - as Ms. Ginny Ray says - a more "grown-up blog." (Don't worry, I know what she means, and I agree. Totally.)

I have something written in my head that provides context for the three minutes that anyone who watches this will endure, but unfortunately, I have no time to write it. I really have to get as much of my homework done before I get a call from Stross that he needs to be picked up. We can't afford to get off our family schedule today.

I'll just write this:

Ms. Tiffany Olson makes a cameo in the vlog today. Alumni, you'll love that. Thanks so much for asking me to go to lunch, Tiff. It's important we do those kinds of things and not just talk about doing them. I am looking forward to May/June when I'll be teaching with you as a colleague again. It's still just a bit complicated, and I'm so grateful you understand.

And, yes, when you watch this you'll see that I edited some remarks out. The topic I brought up - marriage dynamics in the midst of change - aren't ready for primetime, as they say. The topic is more than complicated. I will talk about it sometime, for it's too important not to. Mark and I have always lived an enmeshed existence; we don't always know what that means for us as individuals or as a couple. That's the part I consider more than complicated. Through it all, I continue to be deeply grateful for the man who is my life partner and that we are weathering both our separate and shared times of change together. homework!


Amanda said...

You are never to old to get a degree, in the news a few weeks ago there was a lady who was 100 she had just finished a college degree with a bachelors in Education 3 weeks before her 100th birthday.
The day after receiving her diploma she passed away but she was very pleased that she had accomplished her goal.
The goal had been on her bucket list and that was the final thing on her bucket list.

Joy said...

That's a great story, Amanda. I will definitely have to think about it. I think I have to decide if it makes my bucket list or if I have other things I'd rather have on the list.

Thanks for the reminder that if you do decide something is worth it, it never is too late.

Joy said...

Joy -

Keep breathing. You have a reserve of strength - I'm sure of it!


Joy said...

Thanks, Joy.

Back at ya!