Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tired Today

It's one of those days.

Perhaps it's the antihistamine kicking in (even though it's supposed to be non-drowsy) or whatever makes me feel like I need an antihistamine (mini-cold? allergy?) or - maybe - I'm just plain tired.

Taking three masters level courses, completing the unending homework because of those courses, facilitating my family's needs (including one who has special needs), feeling compelled to help with some volunteer work where I believe I can make a difference ... a bunch of other stuff. Yeah, I'm probably just tired. But why does fulfilling a day's demands seem so monumental sometimes?

Today, I've decided to just keep putting one foot in front of the other. And it is an intentional decision, otherwise, I'd just take a nap. (I probably will still take a nap, who am I kidding?)

I've decided that whatever I accomplish while awake today is in honor of a friend whose Facebook status yesterday was "Chemo is really kicking me in the butt" and Olympic figure skater Joannie Rochette of Canada who skated so beautifully last night only two days after her mother's death.

I cannot describe that moment or see it replayed on tv without refreshing the tears that fell so freely last night as she skated. Few life moments are packed as full as hers were during the two to three minutes she moved across that Olympic ice. I feel deeply honored to have shared that moment as she lived it openly before the world.

O.k. That did it. Simply typing that paragraph made me cry.

Divine moments. Divine times. I'm never too tired for those. I hope you aren't either.