Friday, May 14, 2010

Mark's Birthday Through Stross' Eyes

Only nine days after his own birthday, Stross gets to celebrate a birthday again: Mark's. One of the inherent joys of belonging to Stross' family is getting to see life through Stross' eyes.

Yes, I used the term "Stross' family," for our separate lives have been pulled into orbits that each encircle his. Our family belongs to Stross. He claimed our lives – Mark's and mine – on the day of his birth. Skye didn't have a chance. He's belonged to his older brother since the day he arrived.

The four of us live symbiotically – some days, co-dependently. (We try to avoid those.) But by chance and by choice, our daily moments are interdependent; therefore, on days of celebration, Stross' palpable joy is ours.

I hope that - when you watch the vlog of Mark's birthday celebration - you are able to live a bit of the wonder we enjoy every day. It's the paradox of a younger brother teaching his older brother; a child leading his parents. An incredible young man living every moment to capacity and providing us moments of involuntary joy.

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