Saturday, May 1, 2010

Waldorf College Commencement - Happy Beginnings

Every spring for the past 16 years, Mark and I have celebrated commencement with a promising class of men and women at Waldorf College. For many of those years, we celebrated twice: in April for those graduating with an associates in arts degree and in July for those graduating with a bachelor of arts.

On this first day of May, we watched 117 students celebrate the kind of beginning that only comes from a successful ending. They earned a college degree in a field that matches their interests and, I hope, their vocational passion.

Bittersweet? A little.
Wistful? Nostalgic? Yes, a little of both of those, too.
But mostly we are this: proud.

Thank you, Graduates. Thank you for choosing to attend Waldorf College and for entrusting us with your education. It has truly been a privilege to share in your lives and to watch you mature in understanding. We look forward to learning where life takes you. Please stay in touch. May heaven's richest blessings crown every passing year.


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