Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wartburg College - U - rah, rah, rah !

Of course I have a lot to say about the experiences I enjoyed today. But I don't want to. I would prefer to have these two vlogs say it for me. Of course, what they say to you will depend on how well you know my love for my alma mater, Wartburg College.

The first vlog captures the overall fun of the day; the second vlog toys with idea that there truly might be something known as a quirk of fate - or three.


Update: Nicole Johanningmeier was also a Page editor and a Maggie award winner!

Update: Demonstrating another twist of fate, Emily Schmitt informed me today that her father is Steve Schmitt, a high school classmate of mine. Wow!


Penny said...

Love the video clip. Nice meeting you, Mark & Stross during the Homecoming festivities on Saturday.


Joy said...

Thanks, Penny. Wonderful to meet you, too!