Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ancient History

You want me to tell a story,
but the story you want told
isn’t mine to tell.

Not anymore

Maybe once upon a time
I could have given voice
to the memories and
the mission of that place we knew
once upon a time.

not anymore.

You will simply have to rely
on your memories.
I have only memories now too.
No story.

No voice.
No mission.
No desire for more.
Not anymore.

I have come to the end of the story
that I might have told once upon a time.
And there is nothing – no one – to tell.
Not about that story anyway.

Just ancient history
to remember
from once upon a time.

- With apologies to librarians and historians for you are right:
Certain stories must be told. I hope they are one day.
Meanwhile, I have begun a new story - one that is mine to tell.


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