Monday, January 4, 2010

A Conversation with Kris Schlieper, Class of '99

I'm not sure there is a word for the blessing you experience when a former student comes back to update you on his or her life. "Honored" is perhaps the most comprehensive, for it is indeed an honor to share someone's life - both the accomplishments and the adversities. And I love trying to touch on a portion of all of it, especially discussions about all the murkiness we live through in the middle.

Sunday night we had fun reconnecting with Kris Schlieper, Waldorf College class of 1999, and his wife, Angela. Over the course of five to six hours, we had fun recounting the stuff of life as we've lived it recently: frustrations, sorrows, discoveries, delights, fascinations. All wonderful stuff.

Kris allowed me to capture a bit of our night to share with you (another honor), thinking it will be especially fun to to share it with any former classmates who may check it out. FYI: Kris doubts this will happen, so if you watch this, be sure to post a hello to him in the blog comments.

All the best to you, Mr. Schlieper, as you continue to put that master's degree to work at Microsoft and continue to work toward a doctorate. Just keep on changing the world you encounter for the better.

Life: Sharing it is the best!



Lois Tiedemann Koffi said...

Way to go Schlieper and Joy! My favorite memory of Mr. Schlieper is Vokda night at Mandy's! Do you remember that one Schliep??

Congrats on all your endeavors - thanks for stayinc connected to Waldorf!

Kristofer C. Schlieper said...

Yeah, I try to block that night out, oiy.