Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Hot Flash Flashback

I won't write a lot about this video and simply hope the video speaks for itself. (And that this quirky blogger bug that's been messing with the playing of my videos gets rectified soon.)

I'll simply set it up with this: Two nights ago I awoke with one of my nightly hot flashes at 4:30 a.m. (They are no big deal - nothing that kicking off covers and taking a well-timed walk to the bathroom doesn't cool/cure.) Typically I fall right back to sleep. And I sorta did that on this occasion as well, but not before having the flash of a memory about three mega-monster-mondo hot flashes (or something like them) that I had just prior to learning I was pregnant with Stross. They were so intense and bizarre that I've always remembered the dates they occurred - Aug. 18, Aug. 25, Sept. 14 - sort of keeping those memories like Mary and "pondering them" in my heart.

I wrote about them in Involuntary Joy but felt compelled to tell of them via video as well. I could share even more detail about those dates in 1990, but what I've captured here probably already borders on TMI.

This also is worth saying – not just on the video - but typed here: I've never felt that anything I did caused Stross to be born with birth defects. Sometimes life simply happens. No regrets for me. Only for him - and he continues to live in a state of bliss. He continues to point me to my life's involuntary joys.


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