Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dinner and Deep Conversation

One of life's fascinations is how relationships metamorphose with time. That has occurred with our family's relationship with Josh Damm, a man we first knew as the son of our good friends Dave and Sandy Damm.

"Metamorphose" seems like the best word to use, for Josh's life has done more than "evolve" or "transform" in the time we've known him. During the past 16 years, it has changed in colorful ways: It has metamorphosed. But those are his stories to tell. I'm just glad we are privileged to hear the hows and whys of his life experiences, and that he unabashedly fills us in on where he thinks he is headed.

We met Josh when he was 10 years old, and, because of his life choices, he has remained close enough to watch mature – not just through his primary and secondary school years but through his college experience, a brief encounter with law school and the launch of his career. Along the way Josh was a caregiver to our children, a confirmation student, a communications student, a professional colleague and, always, a friend.

This Sunday night Mark and I dined with Josh in his new home. He prepared us a wonderful Italian meal, and we enjoyed wonderful conversation. The only regret I have is this: I spilled not one but two glasses of wine on his cream colored carpet – one white and one red. (Agh! Evidently my bifocals don't do well with dark, nested tables.) Thanks to some wonderful stain remover, the carpet holds no residual hints of my mess.

As Josh says in this vlog, Part 2 of his InJoy Blog (what will be his official alumni vlog) will occur in June after he successfully completes a Half Ironman Triathlon.

Thanks for a wonderful evening, Josh. And forgive me for saying: "When the heck did you grow up?"

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