Friday, January 8, 2010

A Visit with Alex Duffey

I think I'm up to the fifth in a series of who knows how many alumni vlogs. In the past few months, I've had the privilege of taping interviews with Tali (Salberg) Paulson, Ryan Daniel, Chase Chisholm, Kris Schlieper, and now, Alex Duffey, class of 2008. In today's vlog we touch on (among other things) iMovie, Flip, FinalCut Pro and Portland.

It's always so good to reconnect with men and women who have been former students no matter how many years have passed. And what a great use of technology, huh? As I say in my conversation with Alex, this is part of the future of public relations. Count on it! That's why I'm proud our public relations graduates must take electronic courses to learn the basics. You gotta be an integrated communicator these days. (And probably good to avoid posting words like "gotta.")

I hope the classmates of those I've posted have enjoyed seeing the conversations and hearing what's happening in the lives of those they hung out with in the multimedia lab for ___ (should the word be hours, days, weeks, months, years?). We recorded today's vlog in a local student (and alumni) hot spot. In fact, this fine establishment is celebrating it's 10th anniversary this year. Incredible. I'm confident you'll recognize it.

Please continue to touch base with us when you come to town – or via Facebook, email, occasional cell calls, etc. I know you've probably held onto our numbers; we probably still have you in our phones too. (Well, Mark did terminally drop his phone recently. Not good. So sad.)

Don't be surprised if I try to coax you into a vlog when you're here. Wouldn't it be fun if the number I'm able to record hits triple digits one day? We've had plenty of alumni go through the hallowed halls of Waldorf College to accomplish that. May you know that your greatest passion is fulfilling some of the world's deepest needs.


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Amanda said...

Great to see you again Duffey!!