Thursday, July 8, 2010

A backyard bonfire with s'mores, sparklers and a raccoon

There is not much to say about this. Well, there is actually a lot I could say. I just won't.

I know it will be far more fun for those of you who have peeked at my videos from time to time to live these 2:42 seconds without explanation. The family dynamics are yours to take in.

I'm guessing my family is not much different than your own. Or, maybe a whole lot different. Either way, it's my family. And I love what it feels like to be sitting the backyard I grew up in on a cool summer night, having my sons and my husband fall into the natural rhythm of the life I formerly knew, and now only visit from time to time. I really should visit more.

Going home is never the same once you are grown, but it is wonderfully familiar.

P.S. - and remember to buy carbon offsets or plant trees or cut back on your electricity use for every fire you burn!

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