Monday, July 19, 2010

Rollin' Through the Parade Route

I have no idea if this is true, but I believe that each year most small Midwestern cities (or towns, depending on the local definition) dedicate a portion of a week to celebrating something that makes their communities special. For Forest City that means celebrating Puckerbrush Days to honor a bush that used to abundantly cover the hillsides in and around the community. (Or so I've been told.) Evidently, local farmers even used the prickly bush as fencing during years when barbed wire was scarce.

Now local families and visiting tourists can choose to join in Puckerbrush festivities of all sorts: inflatables, kiddie train rides, a craft show, a car show, food stands, ball tournaments, church fundraisers, dance recitals, a variety show, a fly-in breakfast, fireworks, gazebo concerts and, of course, a parade.

I don't know when our band, Until Further Notice, first was in the parade. Back when we were the worship band for Immanuel Lutheran Church's Wednesday night service, we were part of the church's entry. We sang and others threw candy. But in recent years, we have ridden as the entry for Advanced Door Systems, our drummer's business.

I don't think it has really mattered who we have represented along the parade route. Years of riding in the Puckerbrush Parade have convinced me that people like to hear a parade, not just see one, and that is how they take it all in. Plus, it seems that an auditory experience mixed with a visual one makes for a memorable parade entry. People might even stop you in a crowd later to tell you how much they enjoyed singing or clapping along with you.

That's nice. Really nice.

I hope you get to experience some of that through this vlog. Be careful, however, if you get motion sickness easily. I've discovered that watching full screen helps eliminate some of the Blair Witch Project effect. Plus the smiles are easier to see.

I don't know if our band will get back together again next year. In the meantime, I can watch and listen to this video to help me remember the fun of this day.

Thanks, Jeff, Dave, Roger, Greg, and Mark. It's an honor to be in a band with you. I'll show up again next year, if you are willing. I'm still committed to doing what we know how to do - until further notice.

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