Thursday, July 29, 2010

Stross Goes to Scout Camp: Day 5 (in a series)

Boy Scout Camp – Day #5
Evening, Thursday, July 22, 2010

Before I could even think about checking in with Mark and Stross (what did parents do before cell phones?), I got a text from Stross: I am coming home

Coming home? This warranted a call to Mark. Yes, they were coming home after breakfast. It had stormed all night and the weather forecast said it was going to rain all day. That doesn’t work well for transporting the wheelchair from place to place, even when covered with a tarp in the back of the Gator. Also, getting back into their tent, the place Mark had determined as the best location to manage Stross’ medical cares, was messy in those rainy conditions. So, they were coming home for the day and night.

The weather was a bit of bad timing, in a way, for Mark and Stross finally seemed to have hit their stride yesterday. They had found a pattern of being, a way of existing at camp that was working. Stross had even conquered making a camp gadget, a project that would help him earn his way toward some badge or level that he wanted to attain.

But now weather was bringing them home. Them and the camp gadget. (Yes, that is the gadget in the photos.)

This video shows what happened after they pulled into the drive almost exactly at noon today. God, I was happy to see them. I knew Mark needed a good night’s sleep – heck, a good afternoon’s sleep too. And I knew it would be good to hear, in Stross’ words, all that he had been doing. His enthusiasm would be the affirmation I needed, reassuring me that all of this has been worth it.

And, as you’ll see and hear from Stross, the week is not over simply because they have to spend a dry Thursday night in their comfortable beds. No, the plan is to get back to camp early tomorrow. He is not going to miss Friday – especially Family Night and all that means.


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Ryan Drewes said...

Awesome Video...I remember going to that same camp. I know Stross and Mark had fun

Joy said...

Cool. Thanks, Ryan. You'll have to watch tomorrow's video. Stross gives a tour of the camp. Will likely bring back memories for you.

Jill B said...

Is it just me? I sense a slight undertone of impatience in Stross' voice as he answers your series of questions about camp.

i.e. "Of course, Mom, it was a good experience, Why wouldn't it be? Of course I want to get back to camp and do it all again. Why do you even ask?"