Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Welcome back, Gregger! We've missed you

Earlier this summer, our band - Until Further Notice - got back together after a lengthy hiatus. As I told in the first UFN blog earlier this summer, our group has been together for more than a decade, playing quite regularly until four years ago. Then, last year, we played one summer concert. However, only five of the six of us performed. Greg Owen, electric/lead guitar, could not get back from Wisconsin for the gig.

This summer it's a different story. Greg timed his vacation well this summer, and last night, we enjoyed practicing with the whole band - all six of us.

Greg said it felt like being thrown in to the deepest part of diving pool. That would be awful for someone who doesn't know how to swim. But, as you'll see, where guitars are concerned, Greg is an excellent swimmer.

Last night, he might have felt like he was working to keep his head above water, but he certainly was far from drowning. In fact, we all dove in to attempt some cover tunes. It's the first time we've ever done something like that, so please listen with kind ears. We'll work on polishing them before taking the stage (i.e., flatbed truck) this Saturday.

Welcome back, Gregger! It's wonderful to have you home. And thank you for the presents. We'll not only be rockin', we'll be stylin' this weekend!

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