Thursday, July 1, 2010

Best Wishes, Gabriella "Gabby" Gonzales!

While this blog is about Gabriella "Gabby" Gonzales, it could just as easily be about any of the students who graduated from Waldorf College this year after having given us the privilege of getting to know them as they learned in our classrooms.

It's about Gabby, because she came to our home on Tuesday to say goodbye shortly before leaving town. Not every student takes the time to do such a thing, but when one does, we always feel blessed by his or her visit. It gives us an opportunity to mark the moment with that student–to acknowledge this significant milestone and promise that we will stay in touch. (And we try really hard to.)

The visit alone - beyond anything said during the visit - acknowledges that we shared life together, and it made a difference to all of us.

Gabby arrived at Waldorf College a few short years ago and soaked up as much of the college experience as possible. She played soccer, led KZOW as station manager, and helped WAL-TV as well. She also immersed herself in many other college experiences while learning as much as she could about the communications profession. As you'll hear in the vlog, she has a career in mind now along with a plan for how she can begin to make it possible.

And so, Gabby is heading back to California, back to her home state - her home town - feeling a bit like she's leaving home. That's simply what happens when you go to college. You create a temporary home, and end up surprised at how much you permanently care about it. Even if it has a lot of snow (blizzards!) and tornadoes.

Thanks for sharing the best of yourself with us during your time here, Gabby. I hope you felt like we gave you the best we had to offer as well. We - and Waldorf College - are better for having had you here.

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