Saturday, July 10, 2010

A double-dog dare? Really?

I broke one of my "rules for living" tonight. I took someone up on a dare. Actually a double-dog dare. And, actually, it was made by three someones. Three Waldorf College alumni, all former students from three different class years who were in town to spend time together with still more alumni at, well, let's just call it a local libations establishment.

The double-dog dare came via a Facebook post - a public calling out of sorts - from Josh Damm, Melanie Lane and Ryan Workman.

When I showed it to Mark: "What do you think I should do?" He, who had just returned from washing our van, answered: "I think you should go. Just don't drive the car on gravel."

Ummm ... not a problem. So off I went, enticed by the idea of witnessing their utter surprise that teetotaller me would actually show up and enticed by the opportunity to see what really happens when they all get together. (Well, the little bit I got to see.)

None of us was disappointed. (At least I don't think so.) They got the thrill of calling me out, and I got the thrill of their delighted reaction. Josh and Melanie have both made an Injoy Blog before, so tonight was Ryan's turn.

Ryan has been working as the sports information director at Coe College since graduating in 2006. I remember him setting that goal as a student and watching him earn his way to his dream job after writing numerous Lobbyist articles, producing many WAL-TV sports shows and broadcasting countless KZOW remotes at Warrior athletic events.

Those are proud moments for educators. Not that we can take credit when a student lands a coveted first job, because it is a student's individual drive to succeed that makes the difference. The pride comes from watching a student seize opportunities that help him or her gain the experiences necessary to make a dream become a reality. As an educator, I know that any position I play is simply background noise during that student's center court press. (Pretty pathetic, huh, Ryan? You could have written something sporty much better.)

Anyway, please allow me to introduce you to Mr. Ryan Workman, a great guy and a skilled sports information director who will, I'm confident, wear a national title ring someday - if not for a Coe team, for an athletic team at an even bigger college.

And, Melanie, thanks for the camera work. (Yes, Josh, you could have done a good job, too. But as you know, Melanie actually took the class.) Also, the vlog has shout-outs to Mary Ann Mitchell Tierney, Lauri Pyatt, and Kevin DeVries. Oh! And the cameo appearances are by alumni Andrew Hunt and Whitney Hagen. They'll get their vlog one day too.

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